Hi, I'm Ajmal

A frontend developer, traveler, and hobby photographer.

I craft compelling front-end experiences, pixel by pixel.


Halftone text effect using HTML & CSS

Long story short, got fascinated with Halftone and took a crack at it... Drop a ❤️

Sunday Fun: Music Player

Saw a cool design, opened codepen and the rest was... well... you tell me. drop a ❤️ if you like it....

My go to places for beautiful free web templates

1. Cruip.com It was purely by accident that I stumbled on to this website and it was long...

[JS bits] Value vs Reference variable assignment

Assignment is one of the first things we are introduced to while learning JavaScript and it's of para...

Remove duplicates from an Array the short & sweet way!

tldr; const numbers = [1,2,2,3,3,3,4,4,4,4] console.log([...new Set(numbers)]) //output:...


  1. Quillbot

    Fullstack developer

  2. Plum

    Software Engineer III

  3. Entri.app

    Senior Product Engineer - Frontend

  4. Instio

    Frontend Developer